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Real Estate Articles

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Appraisal vs Market Value
Benefits of Investment Porperty
Buy or Rent
Capital Gains Avoidance
Capital gains on residence
Comparable Sales
Contract Contingency
Cost Basis For Inherited Real Estate
Deductible when buying
Difference between appraisers
Expectations at Closing
Fixtures vs. Personal Property
First Right of Refusal
Getting Started in a New Community
Holding Title To Real Estate
Home Inspections
How much cash do I need to close
Improvements & Resale Value
Income Producing Real Estate Wise Investment
Living Trusts
Loan Refinancing
Marketing Importance
Nebraska Homestead Exemption
Options when it comes to investing
Oral Offers
Overpricing upon Listing
Power of Attorney
Prior to purchasing a home
Pros & Cons of Land Contracts
Rent with Option to Purchase
Renting vs. Selling
Reverse Mortgage Article
Selecting an Agent
Sell First then Buy
Seller Contributions
Tax levy
Title Insurance
What is Premieme Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
When is it time to sell
Why Property Won't Sell



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